The Sandomierz Consensus (1570)

The Sandomierz Consensus

A brief description of The Sandomierz Consensus in the Protestant Reformation:

The Council of Trent assured that there would be no reconciliation between the Protestants and the Roman Catholic Church. Trent essentially declared that all Protestants were heretics. The Roman Catholic Counter-Reformation proved to be a formidable opponent to Protestantism. As a result, Lutherans, Zwinglians/Reformed, and Czech/Bohemian Brethren from Poland to Lithuania sought to unite with a statement they could confess together. It started from the vision of John à Lasco, but took over a decade to come to an agreement resulting in the “Sandomierz Consensus” of 1570, signed in Sandomierz, Poland.[1]

[1] James T. Dennison, Jr., ed., introduction to “Sandomierz Consensus (1570),” in 1567-1599, vol. 3 of Reformed Confessions of the 16th and 17th Centuries in English Translation (Grand Rapids: Reformation Heritage Books, 2012), 168-69.

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